throughout my life, i have seen numerous guy friends get whooped.
whooped by some girl who isn't going to mean much to him in the long run.
but during that short period of time when the relationship is rolling, the
guy tends to forget about his other responsibilities.  this is where i
come in to set everything straight.

        bros before hoes.  that's the one and only rule.  well, don't
cheat on the gal...i guess that's another rule.  but anyways, i'm not
saying that all girls are hoes or anything, so ladies, don't get offended.
it's just a generalized term used to describe all the women out there who
mess with a guy and take him away from his friends.

        a lot of times, it's necessary to take a step back and look at the
big picture.  if all your life you grew up with a group of guys, then you
must place them higher than any short term girlfriend.  it makes sense b/c
the longer you know someone, the more you should trust them and the more
they should mean to you.  the problem with guys is that we always think
with our hormones and not our heads, so when you meet this girl, you are
willing to drop everything for her b/c you think she is perfect. (which
goes back to my other point in the other plan that guys tend to think they
know the girl well when they really don't).  so they drop everything for
this girl and he loses all contact with his other friends...but after the
relationship ends, he finds himself with no friends to turn to, since he
betrayed them all.  hahaha.  who you gonna turn to now, boy??? IDIOT!

        but there is also a lot of misconception as to when or how a guy
disses his boy by choosing the girl over his boys.  scenario: you promise
the girl you'd have lunch with her and then later the guys ask if you want
to join THEM for lunch.  you say no b/c you're supposed to eat with your
girl.  are you a diss?  NO, you're just trying to be a man of your word.
guys who consider that to be a diss are a bunch of morons.
but if the girl messes with your previously arranged plans with
your guy friends, then there's a prob.  or when all you ever talk about
with your guy friends is your girlfriend, then there is also another prob.
or when the guy is willing to do much bigger favors for the girl than for
his boys, then there is a HUGE problem.  i know guys who'd drive the girl
practically anywhere but would have a fit if you asked him for a ride
home.  bitter? just makes decisions about how much you wanna
invest in the friendship a lot more easier.  actually, to be honest, i haven't
been dissed a lot by guy friends...but that's only b/c my friends and i are all
losers who can't get any girls anyways.  But you can still be a diss even if
you never have a girl...lots of guys drop their friends in PURSUIT of a
girl...and they end up empty handed.  haha.

        the true character of a guy is revealed by how he treats his guy
friends.  anyone can be sweet to a girl that he likes, but it takes a lot
more character to be generous and understanding to another guy.  why?
because close guy friends have nothing to offer unless you're a
flaming homosexual with overpowering strength (tom kim) and also b/c since
the guys are so close, you can observe how he acts around those who he
feels comfortable around.  so if he treats his close friends like crap,
then be ready to expect the same from him later down the line when he
feels comfortable around you.  that's why i hate guys who are nice to
girls and only girls.  girls justify it by saying "well, you just gotta
get to KNOW him and his sensitive side...he's just misunderstood..."  i
say that it's a bunch of BS. a jerk is a jerk is a jerk. they just show no
character or class.

        girls tend not to ever realize that they are taking their "man"
away from his guy friends.  so girls, try to be more aware of everything.
understand that a guy needs his guy friends, just as a girl needs her girl
friends.  be understanding if he needs to sacrifice time with you to be
with the friends he grew up with.  a hoe ain't gonna understand and will
demand that the guy give her all of his attention 24/7.  a real woman is
secure enough in the relationship to loosen that leash a little so that he
can live a halfway normal life.

        guys, don't lose sight of what's important.  don't put all your
eggs in one basket, cuz if it falls, then not only do you lose all your
eggs, but you feel like a loser for dropping the basket, too.  but if you
want the girl to understand your need to be with your boys, then make sure
you can make her secure in the relationship, otherwise you aren't doing
your job as a man.  don't be with the guys and neglect the girl, either.
but all in all, girls come and go, but friends...well, friends come and
go, too.  but it just looks better to drop a hoe than to drop your
friends.  remember, she may be sweet, she may be wonderful, but if she
tries to take you away from what made you YOU, then she ain't nuthin' but
a HOE.  =)