before i get started, i must make it clear that this plan contains
a list of characteristics that can and will pertain to almost all female
readers.  do not be offended if you have one of these characteristics...

        when choosing a spouse, there are certain characteristics about a
girl that most guys HATE.  these characteristics may be bearable when the
girl is just a friend, but as a potential spouse, it could lead to
disasterous results.  i have compiled a list of things that girls do
that guys hate.  they are not listed in any particular order, though I
must admit that some are much more serious than others....

1)  THE YUJ IS MOODY.  moody girls suck

2)  THE YUJ TALKS TOO MUCH.  guys HATE it when the girl talks too much.
rambling is so unattractive...and annoying.  and a lot of times the girl
doesn't feel that she talks too much....instead, she considers herself to
be a conversationalist.  usually girls talk too much b/c 1) they elaborate
on their feelings too much, 2) they give too much factual information, or
3) they love to tell stories.  i think the first one is the worst, though,
b/c when a guy pretends to listen to a girl, he can normally just do the
"uh huh" and "yeah" sorta thing for 10-15 mintues without the girl
catching on, but when they start babbling about their feelings too much,
you gotta throw in some follow up questions.  it usually works best when
you just repeat the end of their sentence in the form of a question.

        "yeah, like, so i felt like he totally like took advantage of my
generousity, and it, like, really hurt my feelings b/c he made me feel
like he didn't care..."

"uh huh.  he made you feel like he didn't care?"

        "yeah, like, he never once said thank you, not that i NEED to hear
it, but it would be nice to feel apprecitated sometimes, b/c when i was
12, my father never..."

this tactic is good when you don't really feel like listening but you want
her to think you are.  hopefully overtalkative girls will understand that
when you are talking in a large group setting and no one is making eye
contact with you, that it is time to be quiet.

3)  THE YUJ EATS LIKE A HOG.  this can be either through WHAT they eat or
HOW they eat.  abnoxious eating is a no-no.  and when they out eat most
guys, that's also a no-no.  obviously everyone has their days where they
are starving and eat a lot in one sitting, but i am talking more about
when they do that sorta thing on a consistent basis.

4)  THE YUJ DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK.  this is more of a minor one.  some
guys hate girls that don't know how to cook b/c they like to eat.  but my
reasoning goes a little further...i feel that those who are not accustomed
to cooking also tend not to be accustomed to serving others in other ways.
thus, cooking actually reflects one's personality.  people who can cook
tend to be more unselfish with their time and energy.  and it's not that i
feel that all girls should be gourmet chefs or anything, but i feel like
if they can't do the basics such as cook rice or make a pancake, then
there are problems.  usually girls who don't know how to cook are the
youngest siblings and are accustomed to have things handed to them, thus
explaining their deficiency.  but cooking is one thing in life that needs
to be learned...there is no such thing as a natural chef.  so those who
can cook show that they took the time and effort to learn.

5)  THE YUJ DRESSES LIKE A BUM.  everyone needs to dress comfortable at
times, but it sucks when they where their ILLINOIS sweatshirt with their
warmups every day.  too many t-shirts are a no-no, too.  mike kim likes
girls in black leather pants.

6)  THE YUJ TRIES TO ACT TOO CUTE.  some girls ARE cute, so when they act
cute, it accentuates their cuteness.  but some girls are definitely NOT
cute, so when they try to act cute, it just emphasizes how NOT CUTE they
are.  watching a beastly girl try to act cute is like watching chris
farley in a pink tu-tu trying to act all bashful and shy with his pinky in
his mouth.  the image of him prancing around like a small, white bunny is
absurd....and so is a girl trying to act too cute.  girls try to
act too cute in different ways...they may try to act like they are really
delicate (i.e. "oooh, i'm scaaaaaared...." or "it's sooo coooooooold"  or
"oma gosh, heeeeeelp me...").  others try to act too cute by emphasizing
about how easily they cry.  and others do so by raising their voice a full
octave above their normal speaking voice.  guys can tell when a girl
really IS cute and when a girl is a fake sorta cute.  cuteness is an
innate quality that cannot be attained through one's own efforts.  You are
born with it, so you either have it or you don't.  when a girl tries
too hard to be cute, all i see is chris farley.

7)  THE YUJ IS COMPLETE EVIL.  this is one that guys should watch out for.
though ALL girls are evil, not all of them are COMPLETE evil.  but some
are.  these people manifest their evilness in different ways.  but since
some people think EVIL is some general term, they feel that it doesn't
apply to them, even though it really does.  they do not understand that
evil can be manifested in many ways...they think evil is just this ONE
thing that you either have or you don't...but since it can be manifested
in many ways, they may have it and not even know it.  and lots of times
its the girls who DON'T think that all girls are evil who end up being the
most evil.
        evilness comes in the form of jealously (over guys or girls),
bitterness, deception, and manipulation.  one may think that a particular
girl is not evil b/c she doesn't carry any of those particular traits, but
one must ask, "How would she react under BAD circumstances?"  that is the
true test of evil, for anyone can act GOOD when things are going well, but
how would the yuj react when someone else "stole her man"?  THAT'S the
question you gotta ask.

8)  THE YUJ SUFFERS FROM GONG-JOO SYNDROME.  in other words, she thinks
she's a princess.  when you walk with a girl to a building, she's the type
who walks ahead of you and stands in front of the door and expects the guy
to open it for her all the time.  she's the type who loves to be pampered
non-stop and doesn't return the favor to the guy.  it's cool to have the
guy be a gentelman and treat the girl courteously, but when she EXPECTS
it, that's where there are problems, especially when the guy is not their
boyfriend. when you go to a restaurant, a stuck up girl debates whether
she will pay for her meal or if she will let the guy pay for her meal.
(she'll usually let the guy pay)  but a GOOD girl will debate whether the
guy will pay for her meal or if she will pay for HIS meal.  though i think
the guy should usually pay, it should never be expected from the girl.
gong-joos expect to be pampered by guy friends, as well, not just
boyfriends.  their heads are in the clouds when they really should be
shoved up somewhere else.
        some girls are undercover gong-joos, too.  when at a restaurant,
they expect the guy to pay, but when the check comes, she goes "oh no,
you don't have to pay for me...i have don't have to pay for
me..."  but she never has the intention of paying.  she pretends to feel
bad every time, but you know that deep down inside, she expected it from
the start.  as one of my friends told me (he will remain confidential),
"she tells me that she will pay, but i never saw her take out her purse
EVER!  and she does this every time!"  lots of undercover gong-joos wish
they had boyfriends, but since they don't, they make their guy friends
treat them like a princess....making them walk them home, drive them
places, buy them stuff.  and they wonder why they don't have boyfriends...
like i said, i'm all for treating a girl courteously, and i'm all about
being a gentleman, but when the girl is unappreciative and expects first
class treatment by EVERYONE ALL THE TIME, there's a problem.

        i have more stuff to add to the list, but i think it's getting too
long.  but yeah, guys hate all that stuff.  except yuri...he loves ALL