People always say that Koreans make the worst boyfriends.  I
agree.  and yes, i am Korean.  they also say that chinese boys treat you
good.  hmmm...i'm not knowledgable enough to make a judgement call on
that, so i'll just stick with judging koreans.

        Koreans DO make the worst boyfriends.  are they all bad?  oh no.
a lot of guys are good.  but i would have to agree that on average, korean
guys are more likely to end up being bad boyfriends.  so if you are
flexible enough to date outside the korean race, your best bet is probably
with a chinese guy.  the good thing is that there are so many chinese
men in the world, that finding one won't be a problem.  (i always tie in a
chinese joke.)  why are some koreans so bad?  here's why:

1) MOST KOREANS ARE INSECURE.  actually, this is kind of true for people
in general, but especially with koreans...they have insecurity issues.  i
think a lot of it has to do with their size.  koreans are usually shorter
and skinnier than average.  if you missed my other plan about HEIGHT, i
mentioned that HEIGHT is the most important physical attribute a guy can
have.  not that you need height to be attractive or anything, but it helps
you more than any other physical trait one might have.
        their physical setbacks really get into the heads of these young
men.  they feel the need to compensate for their lack of physical
attributes and try to always PROVE something.  koreans always need to
PROVE something.  that's their problem.  as insecurity sinks in, they
start questioning their self worth, and girls know how attractive THAT is.

2)  INSECURITY LEADS TO PRIDE.  Korean guys are probably the most prideful
bunch of guys you will ever meet.  they are always boasting about
something.  korean guys grow up in families where we are taught to be #1
in this and hard...go to a good school....well respected
job...make lots of money.  that is the ideal life that sons can lead for
their parents.
        this has led to many guys placing their pride in their work
instead of themselves.  their false sense of confidence is actually
insecurity masked in acheivement.  so a guy can be rich and have
everything a person could ever want, but deep down inside still doesnt
know who he is.  he is still lost and when you REALLY get to know him, you
realize he has the maturity level of a third grader.

3)  PRIDE LEADS TO ANGER.  When pride is broken, anger appears.  and many
times anger appears in the form of violence.  thats why a fight breaks out
at asian parties all the time....b/c its a bunch of insecure asians
hurting each others pride, which leads to fights.  they try to look
tough and make people think they are strong and honorable, but deep
down inside, they have no idea where their lives are going.  these guys
are all potential wife beaters...they will hit you when you get them
angry.  they will hit you if you hurt their pride.  they get jealous, possessive,
and irritable.  watch out!  koreans learn to compensate for their physical
setbacks by having ATTITUDE.  since they are not big, they learn how to
        does he get jealous when you talk to his friends?  or even guys in
general?  does he expect you to fit a certain role all the time?  does he
want you to compromise your goals in order to acheive his?  does he view
you more as a trophy than a person?  if so, then move on!
        even "honorable" koreans place a lot of their pride in
acheivements.  but take away their job, their money, their car...and if he is
still able to stand strong as an individual...he's a keeper.  only real men
know to seperate their identity apart from circumstance.  insecure boys just
run to soju and karoake bars.

4)  KOREANS RUB OFF ON EACH OTHER.  mom always told me never to get into a
fight with a fob.  she says that no matter how much smaller they are than
me, i should always back off.  why?  because when americans fight, they
fight until someone is hurt and there is a winner.  when koreans fight
(people straight outta korea), they fight until they kill you.  they will
literally try to kill you.  hit you with bricks and crap.  they train in
taekwondo all their lives...their dad makes them wrestle with dogs in the
winter.  don't mess.
        anyways, pretty much every korean guy has a strong korean 
influence...meaning that they are influenced strongly by someone who
actually grew up in korea.  maybe its their dad...or their brother...or
cousin.  maybe THEY themselves grew up there.   anyways, if you look at
the typical guy from korea, they are far from romantic.  they don't
believe in communication, and they have hot tempers and drink a lot.
always watch out for guys who drink a lot.  and they grow up thinking it
is okay to mistreat least AFTER they have pursued them and
gotten married.
        if you ask most guys what their fathers are like, they will tell
you that he is silent, indifferent, and hot tempered.  how much of this
rubs off on others is different from family to family.  i've been blessed
with a wonderful father who defies all stereotypes, but most people grow
up with either psychotic fathers or fathers who are non existant in their
lives.  it sucks.

        so i can understand why korean guys are looked down upon.  hot
tempered, insecure, abusive, bad communicators, etc.  but a lot of korean
guys are good catches, too.  but signs of possessiveness, jealousy, and
pride are red flags to move on.  there are plenty of fish in the sea.
don't settle for a wife beater!  go for mike kim, instead.  he may be
unfaithful to you everyday, but at least he won't ever hit you.  mike says
"i don't abuse the ladies physically, just emotionally!"
Korean Wifebeaters