i know it's been a while since my last plan...been kinda busy
lately.  anyways, picture this scenario:

        you (you, being a guy) live at PAR.  and a girl you know is
studying in the lounge with you, and she lives at Six Pack.  it is 4AM and
you've been studying all night for a big exam tomorrow.  you are tired.
and the girl you are friends with decides to stop studying.  she wants to
go back to her dorm to sleep.  she says that she will walk home, since the
buses have stopped running.  you offer to get your car from the parking
lot and take her home.  she refuses b/c she feels bad.  you insist.  she
still refuses.  you guys argue about this for 20 minutes.  finally you
just tell her to stay put and you run off to the parking lot to get your
car.  you get your car and pull up in front of PAR and look for her inside
the lounge.  she's gone.  you can't find her!  so you go back to your car
and search the streets, hoping to find her.  you search for another 10
mintues in the car.  you are tired.  you have an exam tomorrow.  you need
sleep.  you've been trying to get her to get a ride with you for 40
minutes now.  finally you find her walking outside by herself and you pick
her up and drive her home, though she cooperates reluctantly.  she is
ungrateful and you are now cranky.

        this sound familiar?  it should, b/c it happens every day.  time
and time again, girls find themselves in situations where they place
themselves in danger by choosing to walk home alone at night.  and too
many times, they actually do.  why do girls do this?  i can only think of
three reasons.

1)  THE GIRL FEELS BAD.  she feels like an inconvenience.  especially if
the guy doesn't seem to WANT to drive her home.  she is just trying to be
considerate.  this is true for 90% of the time.
        i think guys should at least PRETEND to want to drive the girl
home, so she won't feel as bad.  but even if the guy is just looking out
for his own self interest, he should still drive her home.  why?  b/c if
something were to happen to her (i.e. rape, sexual assault), a police
report could be filed and the police may question who she was with last.
then she will say that she was with YOU and that YOU let her walk home by
herself.  the whole world will know you acted like a jerk.  not only would
you be looked down upon by the police, but by her friends, family, and
other loved ones as well.  so many people will hate you.  you will look so
stupid.  you'd have nothing to say in defense.
        so as a girl, it is YOUR responsibility to not allow the guy to
NOT drive you home.  b/c if something happens to you, then he will get in
trouble.  and so if the girl becomes a victim of assault, the guy will
ALSO be a victim...of constant ridicule and harsh judgement.

2)  THE GIRL SEEKS ATTENTION.  this occurs about 8% of the
time. sometimes the girl may just say that she plans on walking home in
order to see to what extent you are willing to give her a ride.  she wants
to know if you will INSIST on driving her home...and see how passionate
you are about her safety.  she may do this out of insecurity, or maybe she
wants to see where your relationship stands with her.  or maybe she wants
to test you to see how much of a gentleman you really are.  girls can be
evil like that.  these sorta girls love it when you really bend over
backwards to service them....and they always end up accepting the ride.
they are undercover goong-joos (princesses) and sometimes try to make
their GUY FRIENDS act as protective as a BOYFRIEND.  they need constant

3)  THE GIRL THINKS YOU ARE HEEBY.  this accouts for the final 2%.  you
weird out the girl. she really doesn't like you.  she is more willing to
risk sexual assault than to be alone with you in a car for 5 minutes.
they feel that there is no greater punishment in life than to have to
spend time with you.

        another thing i realize is that the same girls who refuse rides
are also the ones who bug their OTHER girl friends to get rides home.  i
think that is so stupid.  as if one girl is more capable of warding off
danger than another girl.  no girl is free from the dangers of the
streets.  unless you are really hideous looking.

        so i think guys should offer more rides, and girls should be more
willing to accept.  no use in arguing for an hour about it when you know
that the guy won't take NO for an answer.  by agreeing quickly to be
driven home, you save both you AND the guy a lot of time.  so if you
really DO feel bad asking for rides, accept the offered ride quickly.
otherwise you are not being courteous to the guy.  and you put him in the
position to look bad by letting you go off alone.  swallow the pride and
just accept the ride, baby! =)
Just Accept The Ride Home!!!!