you always hear girls talking about how they are trying to protect
their hearts, but what about us guys?  don't we need to protect our hearts
as well?  you also hear about how guys are the playas and the girls are
always the victims. is that really the case?  personally, i think it's the
other way around. how many times do you hear of the scenario where the
girl leads the guy on and when he confronts her about his feelings, his
heart is crushed when he finds out that she just wants to be friends?  you
ALWAYS hear of that sort of stuff happening to guys, but you rarely hear
of girls being led on by guys who only intended on being friends.
i must say that the #1 benefit of being a transfer student is the
opportunity to hear previous horror stories of girls who are notorious for
messing with people's hearts/minds.  this way i learn who to stay away
from...who to fear...who to watch out for.  reading this, there are
probably a few girls out there thinking "OH NO!  DID HE HEAR ANY STORIES
ABOUT ME??!!"  my response: chill, girl.  don't sweat it.  anyways, if you
are paranoid, then it's b/c you ARE a doubt.  if you have to
think twice about whether you toy with guys hearts, then you probably do.
        anyways, i decided to make a couple points that i think every guy
should live by.  if you choose not to live by them, then that's up to you.
why am i writing all this?  have i been hurt in the past?  am i bitter?
nope.  never had anything like that happen to me.  but someone once said:
                   BUT FOOLS LEARN FROM THEIR OWN."
don't be a fool...

1) Girls are flattered by what they hear, guys are flattered by what they
see.  this is an obvious point.  girls are more into the whole emotion
thing and guys are more into the whole physical lust thing.  if you can't
understand that, then just stop reading now.  you're too stupid.

2) it's always a good rule of thumb to ALWAYS ASSUME THE GIRL DOESN'T
LIKE YOU.    she doesn't like you.  she doesn't like you!!!  you guys had a
picnic on the quad?  she doesn't like you.  you guys went to a movie  
together?  she doesn't like you.  she calls you up to talk about nothing?
she doesn't like you.  she shares her personal problems and loves hugging
you every five seconds?  she doesn't like you.  why, you ask?  because of
point one!  guys are attracted by what they SEE...including her actions.
girls are attracted by what they HEAR, which means that they assume the
same from you. the girls will assume that unless you HEAR them actually
verbally say they like you, then you have no reason to think that they do.
guys, on the other hand, see this girl hanging out with him 24/7 and just
assumes that they have something going.  see, girls can assume
that YOU like THEM based on what you guys do together, but a guy must
NEVER assume that THEY like YOU based on what you do together.

3) check and see if the girl is a "social slut".  is she the type to hang
out with EVERYONE?  if she is ms. popular, you might be just another name
to her.

4)  See if she has a lot of guy friends.  does she flirt with EVERY guy?
is her guyfriend/girlfriend ratio abnormally high?  did she have lunch
with you on the quad and then dinner with someone else at Arirang?  this
either means that she's friends with them all or is just a big time playa.
also, why is she around guys so much?  did she come off of a bad
relationship?  is she searching for a missing father figure in her life?
does she have a twisted personality?

5)  Also see if she is stupid.  or naive as they call it.  some girls have
no common sense and think that it's perfectly normal to listen to gloria
estefan in the dark.  they are usually the ones who never had boyfriends
and are kinda spacy.

6)  don't mix church with pleasure.  girls are capable of caring for a guy
strictly as a brother...but guys are not.  so if they show concern, its
b/c you're their brother, not b/c you look like Pierce Brosnan.

7)  girls are innately evil, so don't trust anyone until you've known them
for a long time and you know them well.  just cuz you share a lot about
yourself doesn't mean you are close...they gotta open up as well.  but
girls are very deceptive and manipulative...and it doesn't take long to
figure out which ones are PURE evil and which ones are just kinda evil.
settle for the ones who are just kinda evil.

        in conclusion, remember that the GIRL DOESN'T LIKE YOU unless they
actually say it with their own lips!  she doesn't like you.  she doesn't
like you!  never instigate anything until she says she likes you.  even if
she says that she thinks the guy should always instigate things, that's
just her way of trying to make you confront her so that she can blow you
off!  never instigate and just play dumb.  playing dumb never hurt
anyone...except the girl.  hahahaha.  just kidding.
How To Tell The Girl Doesn't Like You