here is the typical conversation i have with girls when talking about the
ideal future spouse:

Scott:  so what does your ideal spouse look like?
Girl:  well, looks don't really matter.  it's ALL about personality.
S: really....
G: yeah, really...
S: would you ever go for a guy shorter than you?
G: no.
S: well, doesn't height count as looks?
G: no, its different!  i mean, he can be kinda ugly or out of shape...
S: but not short?
G: well, i dunno.
S: well, you ARE aware that height IS a physical characteristic, you know.
   so you DO care about looks, then.
G: no i don't care about looks, but i just can't be with someone really
         (then i roll my eyes in disbelief in what i am hearing)

        see, girls like for people to think that they are not shallow at
all.  they want people to think that all they look for is a good
personality.  but just as many guys look at physical appearance in girls,
so do girls look at HEIGHT.  though many girls may argue that all they
care about is the HEART, what they REALLY mean is that they only care
about the heart as long as it is trapped inside of a tall body.  i can say
with 100% confidence that HEIGHT IS THE #1 PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC THAT GIRLS TAKE NOTE OF.  if they noticed ONE physical trait about a guy, it is
HEIGHT, whether they know it or not.

        HEIGHT GOVERNS A MAN'S LIFE.  short guys would kill to be taller.
tall guys would kill themselves if they got shorter.  why is height so

        first, i shall discuss why height is so appealing:

1) It displays CONFIDENCE.  i am not saying by any means that a short guy
can't be confident...i know many who are...but in terms of first
impressions, the greater the height, the more confident people think you

2) PROTECTION.  girls feel more protected around you.  especially when
your body can tower over hers.  makes her feel more petite.

3) SUCCESSFUL.  it is a proven fact that taller guys (on average) get
better jobs.

4) RESPECT.  they tend to be more respected by the general public (i.e.
strangers, playing sports, everyday life)

5) FAMILY.  someone recently just showed me an article showing that taller
men are presumed to be more fertile than shorter men.

        obviously when you see a tall guy, you don't automatically say to
yourself, "oh, this guy  is confident, strong, successful, well respected,
and fertile", but these are the kind of assumptions our mind makes
unconsciously.  and i think the whole confidence thing encompasses the
other 4 points as well. can shorter people have these qualities?  no
doubt.  but its a lot harder for people to see those traits right
away....they kinda have to have people get to know them first.  on the
other hand, the taller guy is already assumed to have these traits without
ever doing anything.

        then there's the question: WHY IS HEIGHT MORE IMPORTANT FOR GUYS
THAN IT IS FOR GIRLS? there are some obvious reasons.

        first of all, in a relationship, usually the guy is taller than
the girl, so as a result, he is almost OBLIGATED to be taller.  MOST girls
will NEVER go for guy shorter than her.  they will go for guys with
addictions to drugs, guys with bad tempers, guys of different religious
beliefs, guys who are complete dogs, guys with no job or money, but they
won't go for a guy shorter than her. go figure.

        secondly, a short girl can look cute and attract guys.  a short
guy can look cute and attract FRIENDS.  and we all know how
horrible FRIENDS are.  its harder for shorter guys to get girls to take
them seriously.  they always view him as HARMLESS, or even worse, ONE OF
THE GIRLS.  this leaves NO opportunities for a relationship to form.  so
some of you girls may be reading this plan and thinking, "well gee, i
don't discriminate against short guys...i could care less."  but then when
asked about different short guys you know, you say, "well, i wouldn't go
out with HIM, he's just my FRIEND!"    GEEEEEZ!!!!  can't you see that
you are discriminating subconsciously?  you say you aren't prejudice, but
then again, you automatically view all your short guy friends as harmless
friends!  you ARE discriminating by never letting them even get past the
FRIEND stage.  only a girl who has THREATENING short guy friends (guys who
she doesn't just view as harmless friends) can say that she doesnt

        finally, ALL girls want a tall guy.  tall girls want a tall guy,
obviously.  and SHORT girls want a tall guy, too.  sure, they may be
willing to be with a shorter guy (as long as he is taller than her), but
she would still desire a taller guy, if possible.  some give bogus reasons
such as "i want a tall husband so that my kids won't be short."  that's
when i know they are lying to my face.  that's like a guy saying "i want
to marry a supermodel so that my kids won't be ugly."

        HEIGHT TO A GUY IS LIKE WEIGHT TO A GIRL.  not many girls
understand this.  and this is SO true, too.  just as only a total jerk
would make fun of a girl's weight (to her face, at least), so would only a
complete jerk make fun of a guy's height.  never make fun of a guy's
height, ESPECIALLY if you are a girl.  height is a sensitive subject
for many guys.  especially b/c its one of those things you have no control
over.  you can always build character, lose weight, build muscle, get
smarter, learn how to dress, or improve your sense of humor, but height is
one thing in life you cannot change.  and lots of guys are willing to
do anything to grow a few more inches.  sometimes i feel that guys may
actually have it more rough than girls, b/c girls can lose weight or
change their appearance much easier than guys can, due to the whole height
thing,   the funny thing is that most guys are willing to go for a girl
who is a little chubbier than he is...but for MOST girls there is
absolutely no way a girl will go for a guy who is shorter than her.  he
can be the PERFECT guy and they will not even look twice at him if he is
shorter than her.  and you know it.

        so what now?  well, either learn to love shorter guys more by not
automatically viewing them as harmless friends, or learn to accept the
fact that there exists a little bit of shallowness in you.  i mean,
everyone is shallow in different ways.  but if height (which i remind you
is a purely physical characteristic) is such a road block, then you are
like to think that it doesn't, to a certain degree it DOES.

***oh yeah, and before you email me about how you once dated a shorter
guy before, read my plan again carefully and note how i wrote MOST GIRLS,
not ALL GIRLS in many key sentences.  i make generalizations, but i do
not make laws of nature written in stone! =P
Height and How It Governs a Man's Life