DISCLAIMER: dear readers, i just want you all to know that this plan is
simply meant for entertainment purposes.  in no way is this plan meant to
judge or criticize the motives of people who do or do not go to church.
in no way am i implying that certain people are BETTER than others simply
due to differences in religious beliefs.  for all of you who know me,
y'all know i show nothin but love to ALL PEOPLE!  peace!


        one day i was eating dinner with some guy friends, when all of a
sudden, the topic of "studs" came up.  we were talking about who were
studs, and what was it that made them so studly.  anyways, one guy's name
was brought up as being a "stud", but then someone else mentioned that
this guy wasn't a stud because he only had "church game"....in other
words, he only appealed to church girls.  they criticized his game by
saying that if he were to try to pick up a non-church girl, he'd fail
miserably.  we all agreed.
        so then the question arose...is it harder to pick up a church girl
(church game) or is it harder to pick up a non-church girl (real world
game)?  which type of game is more honorable to bear?  which type of game
is more highly desired?  which type of game is truly the king???
        so yeah, our dinner turned into a mini discussion.  since then,
my mind has been going nuts trying to figure this question out.  church
game and real world game has existed for thousands of years, but i NEVER
even though about which type of game is "better"...until now.  this is such a
new, undiscovered area of life.  after losing much sleep over countless
nights, dwelling upon this pressing issue day after day, consuming my
every thought...i decided to write this plan.
        i was really hesitant to write this plan, and in fact, i actually
decided NOT to write it.  i was afraid people would take offense to it.
but then i thought, "scott, you are a tactful guy.  people will understand
you.  people NEED you.  they NEED your plans to survive in this cruel and
painful world."  so with that, i give to you, my dear readers, my 5 main
points.  please read thoroughly and take copious notes.


        everyone has game.  everyone!  guys do, girls do...don't matter.
don't matter if you go to church, don't matter if you don't.  don't matter
if you are heebie or sheebie (haha).  don't matter if you pick your nose.
don't matter if you are runway model material or if you are...um..not.
don't  matter how you look, how you dress, who you hang out with, how much
money  you have, what kind of car you drive, etc.  is this clear?  good.
why is this true?  because no matter who you are, there is SOMEONE out
there who is attracted to you.  this is YOUR game.  you got game.  you do! 
you may not believe me...you may have low self esteem, but believe me, you
got game.  you might not know it, but somewhere out there is someone who is
thinking of you.  the people you attract constitute your game.  trust me.


        i know there are many different types of game, and that breaking
it down to just between church and non-church is really
overgeneralizing...but hey, when you look at asians, that's just kind of how
they tend to be segregated.  this isn't right, nor is this fair by any means,
but this is kind of how it is...to say otherwise is just not being honest.  i have
plenty of close friends who do go to church and plenty of close friends
who don't...got LOTS of respect for them both.  i wish more people would
get to know the OTHER group, ya know?
        anyways, some guys can really attract a lot of girls at church.
maybe the guy is really involved in church...or maybe he has many of the
qualities that the girls there are looking for.  either way, he is a
wanted man.  as he walks through the crowded aisles after a friday
night service, he is surrounded by girls who just love talking to this
guy.  he intrigues them with his gentleness and his intelligence.  his
dedication and discipline amazes them.  On sundays, he will walk pass
the bread table and the girls will actually stop fighting over the
bagel sandwiches just so that they can talk to him.  he is friendly and
makes everyone smile.  what a great guy.  but stick this guy in a party
(let's say the AAA fashion show  afterset at the canopy), and this guy
will just look AWKWARD.  he will sit at a table and just SIT there all
alone, lonely, confused, and self conscious.  the girls pay no attention
to him, and he's too scared to ever approach anyone on his own.  this
once confident man has now been brought down to nothing.  this may be
partly due to the fact that he may not be used to going to parties, but
part of it is also due to the fact that he ain't got no real world game.

        then there are the studs of the night...when they go out to
parties, they always have girls to talk to and dance with.  they may not
know everyone there, but EVERYONE knows him.  he buys the ladies drinks
and dresses for success.  he is a smooth talker and the life of the party.
but then one day on the quad he spots a pretty girl, only to find out that
she's a church girl.  he hunts her down and may even follow her to church,
but no matter how hard he tries, she never gives him the time of day.
the church girl just wants another church guy, and no matter how hard he
tries, the girl feels that their worlds are too different for each other.
he ain't got no church game!


        don't get this confused with point 1.  EVERYONE has game, but only
guys have distinguishable game.  guys have church game and real world
game.  but GIRLS...well, they just have game.  why?  BECAUSE GUYS ARE
DOGS AND GIRLS ARE EVIL.  let me explain.
        see, it is likely that a church guy wouldn't have the right type
of game to get a non-church girl.  and a non-church guy wouldn't have the
right type of game to get a church girl.  but a girl, regardless if she is
a church girl or not, can get ANY GUY.
        see, guys are such dogs that they will go for any type of girl as
long as she's attractive.  this is a guy's weakness.  he may have gone to
church his whole life and has been rooted in his faith, but if you bring
the right sort of girl along, he will fall for her, regardless of religion
or who she hangs out with.  or the guy may totally despise the church, but
can still easily fall in love with a church girl, just based on how she
        so that's why girls may have game, but its only one type of game.
it consists of FLIRTATION, DECEPTION, MIND GAMES, etc.  all girls are
EVIL, whether they go to church or not, therefore they all have the same
type of game.  EVIL GAME!!!!  (refer to my EVIL GIRLS plan for reference)


        real world game is really tough to have.  a lot of it is luck.  a
lot of it is genetics.  a lot of it has to do with having money.  see,
though it isn't necessary, a guy who is good looking, dresses well, and
has lots of money is more likely to successfully have real world game.  am
i saying that in order to have real world game, you need all these thing?
NO.  am i saying that all non-church people are materialistic and shallow?
NO WAY.  what i AM saying is that if a person IS going to try to have RW
game, then these things will help.  why?
        because lots of times when you meet girls, its at parties.  and
parties only last a few hours.  it is within those few crucial hours that
you need to make a good impression...and lots of first impressions are
unspoken, meaning that it comes from how you look, your body language,
etc.  obviously to have game, you need to have at least a decent
personality, but in order to get girls to WANT to get to know you better,
you gotta attract them physically.  so if you are blessed with good looks,
RW game comes easier to you than if you weren't good looking.
        But if you are not the best looking guy, you can improve your
appearance by dressing well, dancing well, or by being generous with your
money.  you can at least look cool.
        so you got a few hours to get your game together...and so you
either have it together, or you don't.  its very cut and dry, unless you
meet a friend of a friend who knows you well and can say good things about
you...but that doesn't count...at least on this plan it won't.


        church game is even harder, though.  why?  well, granted, you
don't have to be the best looking guy to have church game.  you don't need
money or a nice job...you just gotta be a nice guy....good personality and
a humble heart.  girls at church are more likely to get to know you as a
person, regardless of first impressions based on appearance.  not
only that, but you also get to work your game not in a matter of
hours (like in RW game at a party), but over the course of several
years.  though this all may make church game seem EASIER, it is actually
harder.  why?
        because though time may look like it is on your side (since you
have more time to "work your magic"), time is actually an enemy.  you are
more likely to slip up and look bad over the course of years than over the
course of a few hours.  people hear things about you.  gossip flies.
rumors go wild.  that one time you got into a fight with some guy at
WIMPE?  all the girls know.  that time you were seen smoking your freshman
year?  all the girls know.  that time you saw "Basic Instinct: Director's
Cut" on DVD?  all the girls know.
        see, in church game, you gotta watch yourself 24/7, cuz you know
that anything bad you do will get out...and when the girls find out, ITS
OVER.  THE GAME IS OVER.  GAME OVER!!!!  no extra lives, no secret
powerups, no adding extra quarters to continue.  GAME OVER.  they see that
you didn't hold the door open for a girl?  GAME OVER.  you forgot to pray
before a meal?  GAME OVER.  you have FAR/PAR people in your car and your
drop them all off at PAR instead of dropping some of them off at PAR and
then driving over to FAR to drop the rest of them off?  GAME OVER.  just like
that, your rep is ruined.
        at a party, you can do many things to alter your appearance or to
make yourself look "cooler" than you really are.  but with church game,
there ain't nuthin you can do about your rep.  when you have a white sheet
of paper with a black dot in the middle, everyone notices the black dot,
not all the white surrounding it.

        well, that's it.  that's my thing on "game".  does this all make
sense to  you?  have i enlightened you all?  well, remember, this plan is
very BASIC and GENERAL.  as with any other plan i write, there are always
exceptions (such as guys who think they have real world game but for some
reason only hang out at church and hit on church girls...the rebels who
are too cool for church but too dorky for the real world...people who
have both real world game AND church game).  i would write about them,
but this plan is long enough as it is.  but yeah, yuri has both.  peace!
Church Game Vs. Real World Game