i know i said i wasn't going to write about this, but i just
received so much peer pressure about this that i HAD to do it.  it's
funny, b/c its mostly girls who wanted me to write this.  i carry no
responsibility for the repercussions of this plan.  i simply do as the
people tell me to.

        well, sheebie girls are simply a female form of heebieness.
heebie guys and sheebie girls are almost exact opposites in every way.
but here are the characteristics of sheebie chicks.

        1) sheebie girls are touchy.  this is the only characteristic that
i could think of that both heebie guys and sheebie girls have in common.
but with heebie guys, their touchiness was awkward b/c they did so with
intensity and their motives were weird, but with girls, motive is thrown
out the window.  all that matters it HOW they touched you and HOW OFTEN
they did so.  girls can have pure motives behind their touchiness and
still be classified as sheebie.     

        2) sheebie girls go undetected by other girls.  unlike guys (who
can tell which guys are heebie and which are not), girls are completely
oblivious to which girls are sheeby.  i have no clue why this is, but
that's just how it is, i guess.  so if you ask a guy who he thinks is
heebie, he can probably whip out a few names pretty quickly, but if you
ask a girl who she thinks is sheebie, she'll have trouble naming just one.
and if the girl CAN name one, she usually has no clue WHY that girl is
sheebie....she only knows she's sheebie b/c some guy told her.

        3) sheebie girls are not really pretty.  bold statement, eh?  this
is probably the biggest distinction b/n guys and girls.  see, with heebie
guys, it has nothing to do with how the guy looks, but it has everything
to do with how the guy acts.  with sheebie girls, its all about looks. i'm
not saying that sheebie girls are UGLY, but they just aren't extremely
pretty.  if they were extremely pretty, then everything they do would be
considered being FLIRTATIOUS, not SHEEBIE.  so two girls can act in
exactly the same manner and one can be classified as FLIRTY while the
other can be considered GROSS.  talk about a double standard, eh?  but
hey, i'm not justifying this...i'm just here to explain.  don't hate the
player, hate the game.

        4) sheebie girls are known by a first name basis.  with girls
its like:
"oh ma gosh, john is sooooo heebie."
        "john who?"
        "john doe."
        "oh yeah, he IS heebie!!!  ewwwww!"

with guys, its like:
        "yo, jane is freaky!"
        "you think so, too?!!  ahhhhh, get that girl away from me!"
        "she's nasty, bro."
        "for real!"

i think the reason they are known by a first name basis is because 1)
there are relatively fewer sheebie girls than heebie guys, thus not
needing to necessitate in using last names and 2) guys have a clear cut
idea of who is sheebie...no need for further explanation or elaboration.

5)  sheebie girls tend to have big eyes.  now don't get me wrong, i am not
saying that girls with big eyes are sheebie.  what i'm saying is that
girls who are sheebie (remember, sheebieness is the prerequisite here)
tend to have larger than average eyes...i say this is true about 70% of
the time.  trust me, there are plenty of squinty eyed girls who are
sheebie, too.  i think the big eyes just kinda intensify a girl's
sheebieness by adding some psychotic element to their game.  but
obviously, if they are not sheebie, then big eyes don't magnify anything.
(100 times nothing is still nothing)

6) sheebie girls are socially acceptable.  whereas heebie guys are
socially awkward and lack a core group of friends, sheebie girls can have
plenty of close friends....all of whom have no clue that she is sheebie.
these sheebie girls are constantly being reinforced to continue doing what
they are doing b/c in their friend's perspective, they are normal.  i
still think its weird how girls have a hard time picking up on when other
girls are acting sheebie.  so if a girl IS sheebie, blame her friends for
letting her be that way.  hahaha.

7) sheebie girls make a guy feel sick.  whereas heebie guys make a girl
feel irritated, annoyed, or just uncomfortable, sheebie girls make guys
feel like throwing up.  they still make a guy feel irritated, annoyed, and
uncomfortable, but the most powerful feeling they give off is one of

8) sheebie girls are aggressive.  and sometimes energetic.  they usually
are the ones who come up to the GUY and introduce themselves.  this sucks
for the guy b/c nine times out of ten, the guy already knows she is
sheebie and tries to avoid ever being introduced to her...but since she is
so aggressive, she is determined to meet him and start some sort of
"friendship" with him.  so the poor guy is completely helpless, like
a man running around aimlessly in an oval room trying to
find a corner to hide in.  sheebie girls will eventually make
themselves known to guys.  if the guy doesn't introduce himself and if
friends don't introduce them, she will.  they will meet one day....it
is an unavoidable inevitability in life. she'll think that she's
buddy-buddy with the guy....and he will just continue TRYING to ignore
her.  when you try to avoid her in social settings, she always manages to
find you...

        i think that's it.  but remember that the main difference is about
appearance...pretty girls are never sheebie.  it's a guy's dream to
be around a girl who acts sheeby but is extremely good looking.  b/c then,
the girl is just considered good looking and flirty. (at least that's what
guys tell me...i just look at the girl's heart.  i don't judge anyone by
appearance) but the main point is: pretty girls are never sheebie.
pretty girls are never sheebie.  pretty girls are never sheebie.  pretty
girls are never sheebie.