this plan is dedicated to all the girls out there who try too hard
to play games with people's minds.  it has been pointed out to me that the
phrase "evil girl" is redundant, since ALL girls are evil.  therefore,
every time i use the word "girl", it carries the same weight as if i were
to write "evil girl".

        unlike all the other plans you may have read before, you may find
yourself unable to relate to a lot of the things i write about.  the only
ones who will TRULY relate to this plan are the girls who actually carry
out these evil acts.  to the guys, you may not be able to relate too much
to what i write, because all guys are blameless and pure...victims of
society.  so if you catch yourself laughing at this plan and thinking, "ha
ha, i do that!  i totally understand!", then you too are evil.  the
reason i write this plan is so that i can expose all the evil deeds
that people do.  my mom always told me to learn all the ways you can
trick other people.  she wanted me to learn how to be evil, not so
that i can impose evil on others, but so that i can detect when
people are trying to take advantage of me.  in other words, to
eliminate evil, one must learn what evil is.  only then can you fight
evil and conquer it with GOOD.  okay, let's start.

        we must start with the background of girls (evil girls).  they are
everywhere.  they may not show it, but they are truly evil.  one must
understand that evil is from within, and ANYONE can be all nice and dandy
when things go their way, but the second things get rocky....BAM!  evil
comes out.  the reason girls like to play so many mind games is b/c of
their deep rooted insecurities.  insecure girls (redundant) always need to
play games in order to TEST the level of friendship that they have with
someone.  or they do it to TEST their appeal to the male gender.  or to
TEST how influential they could be towards other guys.  this makes us guys
like vulnerable little sheep resting on a field full of hungry wolves.
these girls also become very jealous and possesive, for their
insercurities cause them to believe that they can easily lose whatever
they have that is important to them.

        evil girls also tend to be on the more attractive side.  not that
they are necessarily pretty, but on a scale of 1 to 10, they'd at least be
a 5.  they use their attractiveness as a weapon.  and them being
insecure, wish to play all these mind games to see just how attractive
they really are in the eyes of another guy.  but then again, i have bad
judgement with giving a girl a "score", because i think that's degrading.
i just look at the heart.  boy, i sure love hearts that are a 10!

        evil girls (redundant) also tend to not have many girl friends,
because other girls are able to see how truly evil the girl is, and
therefore doesn't want to be friends with her.  or the evil girl
(redundant) is afraid to get close to other girls in fear that she will be
judged once her evilness is exposed.

        the most evil girls out there are the ones who have a hard time
believing that all girls are evil.  anyone who contests this view is evil.
and any girl that agrees to this view is obviously evil, for by agreeing,
she is admitting to being evil as well.  so either way, they are all evil.
but be extra cautious around those who claim that girls are NOT evil.
(you ever notice how a girl will never argue that girls are good?  they
just agrue that they are NOT evil!)

        also, its the girls who come off as being really nice who end up
being the most evil.  just as they say that satan's greatest feat is
making people believe he doesn't exist, so it is with girls.  the more
evil the girl is, the better she is at covering it up.  but do not fear,
men, for over time, her evil nature is bound to manifest itself to
you....and it's just a matter of you spotting it.  be observant!

        here are THREE roles that girls like to play:

1)  GREETER- girls (evil girls) make saying HI such a big deal.  to guys,
a greeting is a polite gesture of kindness acknowledging the presence of
someone you know.  to a girl, a greeting is viewed upon as an opportunity
to test a guy's will and see to what extent she can push, bend, and break
the guy.  there are two main types of greetings: PROACTIVE and REACTIVE.
proactive greetings is when you are walking and you run into someone who
is stationary.  reactive is when you are stationary and the other person
is coming towards you.

        when the girl is REACTIVE, meaning she is stationary and you are
moving towards her, lots of times she will pretend like she didn't see
you.  why?  because she wants to see if you notice her and if you do, she
wants to see if you are willing to go out of your way to say hi.  this
way, she can test and see if you have any interest in her.  she loves to
do this in crowded places, too, b/c it makes it more difficult for you to
get her attention.  this way, she can see if you are willing to scream out
her name a few times before she pretends to notice you.  she may also
pretend not to hear you the first couple times you call her name, so that
she can test to what extent you will call her and so she can hear you
call her name a couple more times. but basically, the more
difficult it is for you to get her attention, the more it feeds her evil
heart, for girls starve for that sort of attention.  and sometimes, she
may invite you to visit her somewhere (i.e. the union, her apartment,
grainger, etc) and she will purposely be there with a bunch of her
friends...and so when you come to visit her, she will pretend like you
were visiting her out of the blue, even though she TOLD you to visit her.
and then she'll be like, "oh hi!  what are you doing here?"  that way she
makes everyone think that you are visiting her out of nowhere, making it
look like you are interested in HER.  so evil.  so, so evil.

        when the girl is PROACTIVE, she is able to do a lot more, for she
is the one in FULL control.  one things girls like to do is walk right
past you, pretending like she didn't see you.  she may even walk right by
you when she is just inches away, but this is another test to see if you
are willing to call her back and get her attention.  this is yet another
test.  is your head going to swing 180 degrees as you call out her
name?  or are you just going to ignore her?  IGNORE HER!!! another thing
girls like to do is find you when you are in a crowded room and she can
spot you talking to someone.  then, she will purposely walk INTO you and
bump you hard enough that you notice her.  but she will pretend not to
notice you and she will start talking to someone right next to you.  this
way she is assured that YOU notice HER without HER noticing YOU, so this
is yet another test to see to what extent you will say HI.  will you wait
for her to finish talking with whoever she was talking with so that you
can greet her?  or are you just going to ignore her?  IGNORE HER!  feeding
the evil heart of a girl only makes things worse.

        who would have ever guessed that girls would make a simple
greeting so complicated?  but guys, if the girl never says HI to you,
don't assume automatically that its because the girl is pure evil....i
mean, she probably IS, but she may not be directing the evil to you.  she
may just not like you and doesn't want to talk to you.  maybe she thinks
you are HEEBIE.

2) THOUGHT PLANTER- girls love getting inside your head.  they like to
plant thoughts that you would have never thought of before (b/c us guys
are all blameless and pure) and leave us dwelling on these corrupted
thoughts.  here is a possible scenario:

(scott is sitting at the cafeteria eating lunch by himself, dwelling on
how beautiful the day is and how much he misses his mom.  then all of a
sudden, Eve Eun walks in and sits down with him.)

Scott: Hi Eve!  Isn't it such a beautiful day?  The birds are out and
the leaves are finally starting to change color.  i only hope that i can
finish eating my lunch in time so that i can make it to the nursing home
in time to help them play bingo.

Eve:  ooooohhh, i LOVE helping the elderly!  i love to cook and clean and
spend quality time with people who are lonely!  i love serving all
humanity!  and most of all, i love serving people like YOU!

Scott: uhhh, okay Eve.  by the way, Eve Eun, what is your middle name?

Eve: Il Young.

Scott:  so your name is Eve Il Young Eun?

Eve:  yeah, why?

Scott: oh, nothing.

Eve:  anyways, scott.  i was wondering.  how do you know when you are in
love?  i mean, how can you tell?

Scott:  i dunno.  i am saving myself for the right girl and i figure when
the time comes, i will know.  meanwhile, i will not be in a constant
pursuit of anyone, for i don't think i'm ready for anything yet.  why?

Eve:  well, what if the girl was right in front of you?  what if she was
and SHE REALLY LIKES YOU, but you just never made the move?  oh, look at
the time, i gotta go.

(and so Eve Il Young Eun leaves abruptly, leaving poor scott with weird
thoughts that he never thought of before.  she plants these thoughts to
confuse him.  and nine times out of ten, if the guy were to ever approach
her and tell her he has feelings for her, she will deny him and make him
look if she never led him on to begin with....not that scott
has ever been led on by a girl.  really!)

3) MATCHMAKER- girls love to match you up with other girls.  they do this
for one of three reasons.

        1) they believe that if they tell you to go for someone else, then
that automatically means that you will think she doesn't like you anymore.
this is so false.  just b/c a girl says that she can see you with someone
else, it doesn't mean that she doesn't like you anymore.  but she wants
you to think this so that you can let your guard down and just view her as
a friend.  she figures being your friend temporarily is better than you
thinking that she still likes you and treating her all weird.

        2) she is a projectionist.  the art of projection is that girls
who like you will project their feelings onto other girls, making it seem
like THEY like you instead of them.  in other words, they live out their
dreams through another girl.  its a psychological phenomenon, if you don't
believe me.

        3) she pushes you to jump into a relationship with someone she
knows isn't right for you.  a girl who couldn't have you would LOVE for
you to enter into a bad relationship.  why?  because AFTER you break up,
she can be there for you and catch you while you are vulnerable. plus, if
she plays matchmaker, then she will be one of the few people you know that
knows both you and the other girl.  therefore, she plays a HUGE role as
the mediator and the middleman.  knowing that you will continually come to
her with your girl problems is like her dream come true.  girls always
want to get you when you are vulnerable.  plus, if you like another
girl, she loves to encourage you to tell her how you feel  when they know
you are obsessed with her. she will push you to confront the girl you
like a lot, even though it is too soon and the timing isn't right.
that way, you approach the girl and she turns you down, thus allowing you
to move on to bigger and better things.  and since you get rejected by the
girl of your dreams, you turn to the evil girl (redundant) who encouraged
you to go for it.  she will pretend to be sympathetic and will try to "be
there for you".  then she will make her move and try to snatch you.  so,
so evil.

        girls are so evil.  you can SEE them think.  you can SEE them plot
out things in their head.  but yeah, those are some of the roles that
girls like to play.  but this is only dealing with how they treat guys.
girls can be even more evil by how they treat other girls! (i.e. jealousy,
competition, a fake sense of politeness).  a girl can tell when another
girl hates them when the other girl acts TOO polite or TOO kind.
girls also like to take acts of kindness as their way of delivering
pure evil.  just as judas betrayed jesus with a kiss (an act of
kindness that was actually filled with hate), so do girls do kind
things with an evil heart.  the cookies she baked for you weren't for was so that she can have more control over you.  the little
favors she did for you weren't for was to remind you of the
things those other girls aren't capable of doing for you.  she wants to
hit all your sensitive spots.  with girls, there are always double

        like i said, the most evil girls are the ones who come across
being nice.  so never trust your first impressions of a girl.  get to know
her carefully, first.  and trust your guy friends when they warn you of
girls.  you may disagree with them at first, but usually over time you see
that they are right.  but take what guys have to say about girls with
a grain of salt.  the guy may be wrong; he may be biased.  but
usually he is right.  though girls differ in the degree of evilness,
they all share the same traits.  girls are possessive. girls are crazy.
girls are psycho. thank you.