"Get osamu over here, I want to touch his breasts..." - Ed

"Soon you will be able to eat your apple pie... Patience is a virtue my friend" -Ed

"i understand why you don't hang out with people in our major, why did it take me this long to realize it" -Joyce

"when the hands go down the booty goes up... so prepare yourself once you get a glimpse you can't go back to anything else it's like having filet mignon... you can't go back to new york steak after that" -Derrick

"Put me in a room with a cardboard box and a piece of string and I'll entertain myself for hours." -Sonia

"ok well now that i'm all knocked up, my turn is over" - Jeanette

"i got my knee pads, i got my shoes, and i got my volleyball skills... everything else are just details!" -Derrick

"you showed me dit" -Vickie

"i'm casper the friendly bastard" -aileen


doowardo: i'm your bitch
doowardo: you are my master.

"uCrapoDeSUCKS! there's a screen name for you ya frick... grade: A+" -Derrick

" all my classmates will mock me and throw eggs at me saying go back to siberia winter girl" -christaline