New Berkeley Pictures

Me and Aileen in her room (what are you looking at aileen?)

Alex "Manwhore" with Brian somewhere

Alice, James, and Katie

Andy playing Puzzle Fighter against me

Don't ask, they're messing with an ant farm

Ben, Osamu, and me (the picture is pretty self explanatory)

Ben looks like he's never seen a camera before

Alex, James, and I getting ready before the Big Game

Side shot of me and Alex before the Big Game

Luke and Me right before bleaching our hair

Luke and Me bleaching our hair

Me, Kathy, Iris, Katy, Aileen, Scott, Alex, Celia, and Christaline before the boat dance

all of us at the boat dance posing in between dancing

all of us at the boat dance posing in between dancing again

above decks taking a breather during the dance

Us jamming stuff under CC's door. if she'd only give back the tits, this wouldn't have happened

Chris in his halloween costume
Luke, Alex, and I in Denny's after a party

Chris, Khem, Katy, Celia, and Brandon at Denny's

Getting ready to play a prank and tie everyone's doors together

More door tying pictures. evidence of our fowl activities

Ummmm, me and osamu in dresses. yes he's adjusting my fake tits

The whole point in dressing up... to embarrass brian

Yes, osamu is groping my fake breast

What do you think? Am i not the ugliest woman ever?

Hahaha, osamu, you can't get away from Alex and me. you have to take the picture

Is that any way to treat, ed, the birthday boy, aileen???

Elena posing in the hallway

A bunch of us at someone's birthday party I think

A bunch of us before a party

Before the party where we ended up at Denny's afterwards

James, Katie, Me, Osamu, and Alex in the hallway

Someone's birthday, i don't remember who's

David, Alex, Osamu, Luke, and me in the 7th floor lounge

All of us holding up Johnny on his birthday

Mike, David, James, and Shasta

James, Johnny, Me, and Katie's Brother...

Brian, Alex, James, and Albert... Ohhhhh, nooooo!!!

Someone's birthday... i forget

Osamu about to give me a haircut

James, Osamu, and I at Iris's birthday party

Kathy and Svetmixe making banana nasties

Katie and James in the 7th floor lounge

Khem and Chris at Denny's (if that's not the face of a drunk man, i don't know what is)

Look at me, I think i'm cool playing my guitar

Get back to your homework alex

You would've done it too for 40 bucks

that's right, give me my money

James, me, and Alex

Khem, another reason why you should never fall asleep drunk in someone else's room