Grad Nite (6/11/99-6/12/99)

Ajay and Me

Allan, Kevin, and Me

Bungee Cord Thing With Richard

Bungee Cord Thing Again (midair shot)

Devan, Jon, and Me

That Little Dot is Esther Playing Volleyball

Esther and Me

Jacob and Me

Jina and Me

Bmills, Richard, Mike, and Me busting a rhyme during karaoke (surfin USA)

Melissa and Me

Paul and Me (death to Stanford)

Steve (aka Sportsman Spiff) and Me

Richard and Me

Richard, Eric (LIN), and Me

Sara and Me

Sara and Me again

Sara, Dave, and Me

Sara Strangling Ow and me off to the side

Close up Shot of Sara (quite Scary, not for the weak hearted)

Andrew and Me