Berkeley Pictures

Me smiling happily in my dorm with my bleached hair

I was acting weird that day (no i was not intoxicated)

Ben lives down the hall from me (he has skunk like hair)

Luke and I protecting Lily with our trusty Lightsabers

Osamu grabbing his ass (don't ask. he just wanted the picture)

Ben's roommate. (also dyed his hair, but can't really tell here)

Luke and I decided to take a video of our heads on all sides before we bleached our hair

Silly Densmore, wipe that smile off your face

This is Bryan, he's way too mellow even in this picture

Elena with my little mole :-)

Elena molesting/attacking osamu

Elena molesting/attacking osamu again

Elena molesting/attacking osamu yet again

This is Francis, don't bother asking about the picture

James, Osamu, Me, and Alex just kickin it in the hallway

Christaline and Elena by my side (no i'm not a pimp) ;-)

Christaline and Elena by my side again (still not a pimp)

Bryan, Me, Alex, Lily, James and Katie at the beginning of the year

Luke in my room playing with my quickcam

Luke and I before we head out to a dance (Lily, you remember that dance right?)